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Commission Work

  • How do I order commission work?

To order commission work from me send me an email at:
Please detail how many characters/creatures you would like me to make, and how many animations each.

  • How much does it cost?

The standard rate is 150 USD per animation for exclusive rights. Alternatively I offer 75 USD per animation and I can resell the assets on online asset stores. Death & Hurt animations are priced as one animation. Example:

Idle - 150$
Run - 150$
Attack - 150$
Hurt & Death - 150$
Total: 600$

Payments are handled through invoices which are sent to your email. They can be paid using Paypal or credit/debitcard. I usually ask for 50% on project start and then 50% on finishing the assets. Tax may apply.

  • How is tax applied?

Tax may apply depending on if you are developing as an individual or as a business. In the case that you are developing as an individual a VAT rate of 25% is added to the price (called sales tax in some countries). This tax goes to the Swedish goverment and is nothing I benefit from. It is required by law. So the price per animation is 150$  + 37,5$ tax. If you are running a business it's tax free.

  • How long does to take to create an animation?

About 3-5 days.

  • Are you currently available for work?

Send me an email or message me on Twitter and I will let you know :)

  • Can I provide concept art for the design?

Absolutely. You can gather images from online which I then can use for inspiration.

  • Do you sell your art online?

Yes! I mainly publish my work on the following three online asset stores:
Unity Asset Store
Unreal Marketplace